Update on Junction 9 M3A34 cycle route


The Inspector had now issued an interim order on the application for a right of way through Junctin 9 M3/A34. As it is quite complicated, it is summarised below. The map available below as an attachment also explains the letters.

  • Section G – E: subway on the Easton side and the route as far as the M3 overbridge is confirmed as a bridleway. This is the section from Easton Lane on the Easton side through the subway and as far as the overbridge over the M3.   
  • Section E - C (M3 overbridge) is not confirmed as it is ruled it is deemed to be a footway alongside a highway and under the Section 72 of the Highways Act 1835 use by cyclists is illegal. 
  • Section A – B (HCC land from outside Tesco to the start of the first subway) is not confirmed as it deemed to still be a footway adjacent to a highway despite it having a signed, designated cycle route on it
  • Section C – B (subway on the Winchester side).  It is not confirmed as a bridleway because “it is not possible, at common law, to have an isolated highway that does not link to another highway at least at one end. The result is that, whatever status Subway B-C does have, I cannot confirm this section as a public bridleway.

This is a partial success. Our right to cycle from Easton Lane on the Easton side as far as the start of the overbridge is confirmed. However, it raises more questions than it answers. It is just possible that if A-B were regularised, this might unlock the subway B-C as the Inspector seemed to be indicating that the reason for not confirming it was that it was an “isolated highway”. 
However, HCC Strategic Transport has now indicated verbally that it is likely to refuse our request to regularise the situation with regard to A-B despite the fact that it was their error that we are apparently riding illegally on that section. The reason for their refusal is that the junction is too important for the economy of the south of England and regularising our use might “compromise the redevelopment of the junction by Highways England”. Potentially this could mean that there is no intention to provide a satisfactory route for cyclists or even pedestrians as part of the redevelopment.
I personally find this response very disappointing (I could use much stronger language) as I fail to see how giving us the right to cycle on that section would compromise future redevelopment of the junction.
It was agreed at our recent committee meeting that we should continue to press for A-B to be changed to a cycleway, initially through political channels but then through a press campaign although the possibility of some form of public action was not excluded.
This saga has been ongoing for too long and seems likely to continue for some time.
If anyone would like more information on the Inspector’s order, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Sue Coles

Download this file (Winchester BW518 DMMO 2015 modified map2.pdf)Junction 9M3//A34 Map[Map showing claimed cycle route through Junction 9 M3/A34]129 kB

Winchester CTC AGM

The Winchester CTC AGM is on 7.30 pm on Wednesday 18th October 2017

The venue is again the Baptist Hall in Swan Lane, Winchester, SO23 7AA (inside bike parking available).  

This is your opportunity to air your views on the running of the club and also hopefully to get involved. 

At the AGM we elect the following: 

Chair, Secretary Treasurer, Welfare Officer, Registration Officer, Publicity Officer . Webmaster, Clothing Secretary.

This year we are also electing a Minutes' Secretary. This is a new committee role and consists of taking the minutes at the committee meetings and at the AGM

We also appoint coordinators for the individual riding groups and the account examiner.


The nomination form can be downloaded below.

The following have indicated that they wish to stand down:

John Spiers Chairman

Rosie Gamble Treasurer

Bryce Mansfield Welfare Officer

John Walker Clothing Secretary


Please consider joining us and becoming a valuable member of the team. None of the jobs take a great deal of time but are essential to the running of our very successful club. 

If you are interested the present incumbents will be more than happy to tell you what is involved.

The Agenda will be posted on the website nearer the date. If you wish to put forward a motion for consideration by the AGM, it must be submitted in writing (email is admissible) to the Secretary at least 7 days before the meeting.


Sue Coles (Secretary)






Download this file (AGM_2017_Nomination Form_2017.docx)AGM2017 Nomination Form [Normination form for officers and committee AGM2017]17 kB

Late Season 50 miles

Our final open event for 2017 is the Late Season 50 miles on Sunday 1st October. It is an attractive route starting from the Swan, Alresford at 9.30 am and finishing at the Cricketers PH, Jacklyns Lanes, Alresford. The times limits are generous, with a maximum of 5 ½ hrs and a minimum of 3 ¼ hrs.

The entry fee is £3 to cover the cost of checking the route and marshals at the start and finish. You can enter either on the day or online using PayPal.

The route is undulating and is mainly on minor roads. A detailed route description and gpx files are available to download.

The route has been revised to avoid some of the worst road surfaces but care is still required. We recommend that Garmin users look at the written route description which highlights some of the potential hazards.

You can enter on the day or in advance.

To enter in advance:  You can enter in advance if you pay by PayPal. To do this download & complete the entry form (attached below) and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Then pay the entry fee by clicking on this PayPal link

To enter on day: Download form, route sheet for distance required and gpx for distance required. Bring completed form and payment to start.

The following files are available to download below

  • Entry form – pdf or Word
  • Route Sheet - pdf or Word
  • Gpx file for route
  • Profile of route


*If you are using Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer, you may experience difficulty in downloading the gpx file.

Workaround for Edge and Internet Explorer

Right click "Download File" and choose "Save target as..."
The dialog will want you to save it as an xml file. You do not want to do this.
Click in the File Name: box (Not the Save as type: box). It should be editable.
Change the 3 letters after the dot from "xml" to "gpx". No quotation marks. Do not remove the dot.
Do nothing to the Save as type: box.
Click Save and you will download a gpx file.

Download this file (CTC Late50 2017.gpx)LateSeason50 gpx[Gox of Late Season 50 route ]64 kB
Download this file (LateSeasonEntryForm_2017.docx)LateSeason50 Entry Form[Word version of Late Season 50 Entry Form]45 kB
Download this file (LateSeasonEntryForm_2017.pdf)Late Season50 Entry form pdf[Pdf version of Late Season 50 Entry Form]65 kB
Download this file (LateSeasonProfile_2017.pdf)Profile Late Season 50[Profile of Late Season 50 route]31 kB
Download this file (LateSeasonRoute_2017_Final_2.doc)LateSeason50 Route Sheet[Word version of Late Season 50 Route Sheet]79 kB
Download this file (LateSeasonRoute_2017_Final_2.pdf)Late Season 50 Route Sheet pdf[Pdf version of Late Season 50 Route Sheet]82 kB