Late Season 50 miles

Our final open event for 2017 is the Late Season 50 miles on Sunday 1st October. It is an attractive route starting from the Swan, Alresford at 9.30 am and finishing at the Cricketers PH, Jacklyns Lanes, Alresford. The times limits are generous, with a maximum of 5 ½ hrs and a minimum of 3 ¼ hrs.

The entry fee is £3 to cover the cost of checking the route and marshals at the start and finish. You can enter either on the day or online using PayPal.

The route is undulating and is mainly on minor roads. A detailed route description and gpx files are available to download.

The route has been revised to avoid some of the worst road surfaces but care is still required. We recommend that Garmin users look at the written route description which highlights some of the potential hazards.

You can enter on the day or in advance.

To enter in advance:  You can enter in advance if you pay by PayPal. To do this download & complete the entry form (attached below) and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Then pay the entry fee by clicking on this PayPal link

To enter on day: Download form, route sheet for distance required and gpx for distance required. Bring completed form and payment to start.

The following files are available to download below

  • Entry form – pdf or Word
  • Route Sheet - pdf or Word
  • Gpx file for route
  • Profile of route


*If you are using Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer, you may experience difficulty in downloading the gpx file.

Workaround for Edge and Internet Explorer

Right click "Download File" and choose "Save target as..."
The dialog will want you to save it as an xml file. You do not want to do this.
Click in the File Name: box (Not the Save as type: box). It should be editable.
Change the 3 letters after the dot from "xml" to "gpx". No quotation marks. Do not remove the dot.
Do nothing to the Save as type: box.
Click Save and you will download a gpx file.

Download this file (CTC Late50 2017.gpx)LateSeason50 gpx[Gox of Late Season 50 route ]64 kB
Download this file (LateSeasonEntryForm_2017.docx)LateSeason50 Entry Form[Word version of Late Season 50 Entry Form]45 kB
Download this file (LateSeasonEntryForm_2017.pdf)Late Season50 Entry form pdf[Pdf version of Late Season 50 Entry Form]65 kB
Download this file (LateSeasonProfile_2017.pdf)Profile Late Season 50[Profile of Late Season 50 route]31 kB
Download this file (LateSeasonRoute_2017_Final_2.doc)LateSeason50 Route Sheet[Word version of Late Season 50 Route Sheet]79 kB
Download this file (LateSeasonRoute_2017_Final_2.pdf)Late Season 50 Route Sheet pdf[Pdf version of Late Season 50 Route Sheet]82 kB