Spring 80+ and 140 km


Spring 80+ and 140 km on Sunday 7 April 2019: Both events start from the car park in Worthy Lane, in front of the Winchester Hotel (SO237AB)

The 140 km starts at  8.00 am  and the 80+ km starts at 8.30 am

The two routes are identical as far as East Woodhay.

The shorter route then heads west and south to Faccombe and Hurstbourne Tarrant from where it continues down the Bourne Valley and back to Headbourne Worthy. Total distance: 83km.

The longer route heads north after the split to Kintbury and Wickham. It then heads west along the valley to Lambourn before climbing over the Downs to Baydon and then to Aldbourne and Hungerford. After that it’s over Ham Hill before dropping down into the Bourne Valley to re-join the shorter route at Hurstbourne Tarrant. Total distance: 140 km

Both events finish at the Little Kitchen Bistro, Winchester Golf Academy, Down Farm Lane, Heabourne Worthy SO22 6RG.

The entry fee is £3 and you can enter in advanace or on the day. For details of how to enter see below:

The following files can be downloaded 

  • Entry Form (Word or pdf
  • Route sheet 80+ km (Word or pdf)  
  • Route sheet 140 km (Word or pdf) 
  • gpx file 80+ km*
  • gpx file 140 km*

To enter: .

In advance: Download & complete form and email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To pay, click on this PayPal link

On day: Download form, route sheet for distance required and gpx for distance required. Bring completed form and payment to start

Note: GPX Download Instructions for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer etc..

Right click "Download File" and choose "Save target as..." or "Save Link as" - don't just click on the file - you are trying to save the file rather than opening it!.

Workaround for Edge and Internet Explorer: If you are using Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer, you may experience difficulty in downloading the gpx file.

Right click "Download File" and choose "Save target as..."

If you are offered the choice to Save as Type GPX - just save it.

However if the dialog wants you to save it as an xml file then you will need to change this:.
Click in the File Name: box (Not the Save as type: box). It should be editable.
Change the 3 letters after the dot from "xml" to "gpx". No quotation marks. Do not remove the dot.
Do nothing to the Save as type: box.
Click Save and you will download a gpx file

Download this file (WinchesterSpring140_2019_RouteSheet.pdf)WinchesterSpring140_2019_RouteSheet[Pdf file for Route Sheet Winchester Spring 140 2019]828 kB
Download this file (WinchesterSpring140_2019_RouteSheet.docx)WinchesterSpring140_2019_RouteSheet[Word file for Route Sheet for Winchester 140 2019]45 kB
Download this file (WinchesterSpring80_2019_RouteSheet.pdf)WinchesterSpring80_2019_RouteSheet[Pdf file for Route Sheet Winchester Spring 80 2019]756 kB
Download this file (WinchesterSpring80_2019_RouteSheet.docx)WinchesterSpring80_2019_RouteSheet[Word file for Route Sheet for Winchester 80 2019]41 kB
Download this file (Winchester80+140_2019_EntryForm.pdf)Winchester80+ 140_2019_EntryForm.pdf[Pdf file for Entry Form Winchester80+ 140_2019]275 kB
Download this file (Winchester80+140_2019_EntryForm.docx)Winchester80+ 140_2019_EntryForm.doc[Word file for Entry Form for Winchester 80+ and 140 km 2019]80 kB
Download this file (Win Spring140_2019.gpx)Win Spring140_2019[Gpx file for Winchester Spring 140 km 2019]221 kB
Download this file (Win Spring80_2019.gpx)Win Spring80_2019[Gpx file for Winchester Spring 80+ 2019]139 kB