Popham Gliding Club via Whitchurch and Deane, 51 miles

 A Sunday morning fast route: Out to the north of Whitchurch, stopping at Popham Airfield for coffee.

Uses mainly wider roads so is well-suited for winter rides. A few narrower, muddier bits though.

Experimental TCX file for use on Garmin Edge GPS devices: ctcpopham.tcx

In the routepoints on the TCX file, the following abbreviations are used: L=left; R=right; TL=turn left; TR=turn right; TJ=t-junction; Xrds=crossroads; SA=straight ahead.

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Statistics Distance: 81.3 km/50.6 miles Total ascent: 1183 m/3881 ft Total descent:1162 m/3812 ft

Detailed map

Elevation diagram

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