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Summary Guidance for Riders

Winchester CTC is welcoming many new members. To help both riders and leaders stay safe and enjoy the rides, we have produced outline guidance for group riding. Please read and apply them. Please note that this is a summary only and only highlights the most important points. Please see the more detailed Guidance for Riders, which explains each point and provides further useful information.

1. Ride safely and always follow the Highway Code.
2. Look out for others in your group and don't be afraid to ask for assistance yourself.
3. Make sure you are known to the leader and follow their instructions. Most rides also have a backmarker to ensure the group stays together.
4. Do not ride more than two abreast except when overtaking.
5. Ride in single file on narrow and busy roads if it is safe to do so. Always overtake on the right.
6. In a large group, be prepared to split into smaller groups to allow cars to pass. Leave a gap of about 4 car lengths.

7. Do not ride too closely to the rider in front.
8. Communicate your intentions – slowing, stopping, turning, changing position etc.
9. Support other group members by making them aware of road hazards (cars, potholes, etc.) and by passing messages along the group.
10. At turnings and junctions ensure those behind you can see the route ahead. Wait if asked to by the leader.
11. Tell the leader if anyone is missing or if you are leaving the group.
12. Don't let your lights impair the vision of others. This may be the case with some bright and flashing lights. Avoid using flashing lights after dusk when riding in a group.
13. Wear reflective or light-coloured clothing and ride a roadworthy bike.
14. Ensure you have the tools to deal with punctures and minor repairs.
15. Ensure you have a contact address and emergency phone number with you which the leader can access.
Download this file (GuidanceSummary_V1_PublishedMarch2015.pdf)GuidanceSummary_V1_PublishedMarch2015.pdf[Guidance Summary]148 kB